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Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch M93488

Posted by marryalice 
Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch M93488
October 26, 2013 01:55AM
According to the British " Daily Mail" reported on October 13 , weighing about 235 kilograms of South Wales Rhys Pryce who had bought two tickets for his opportunity , louis vuitton handbags on sale however, after boarding to make him more depressed, he did not suffer two seats together. Price , 43 years old, weighing about 235 kilograms. Prior to Ireland in accordance with the requirements of airlines , all more than 127 kilograms of passengers need to buy two tickets . To this end he booked two tickets . Boarding, he was surprised to find two tickets does not even next , in the interval of a seat. More funny is that his return ticket are respectively arranged in two rows - one in the 17th row, one in the 19th row .
He said the airline's employees do not seem to understand the company 's policy on overweight passengers at the airport , Louis Vuitton Sunglasses he had to explain myself to all staff why two tickets. According to Price said that from the age of 10 , his weight increased almost every year about 6.35 kilograms , because it is difficult upstairs, he had to sleep on the first floor. He said that because of overweight, he encountered problems every day , just one plane . But, " I , like everyone else , work, play football , exercise , not inactive , I work 70 or 80 hours per week , Saturday to play football I'm not lazy ." Later, in an accident , he hurt his back, can not be active , have a sciatica, three months did not go out . He said , "Even if partners take me out , louis vuitton belts sale they have to pick me up , sent me in the pub , they have to go to the bar for me to take the drink ."
In 2009 , his wife died of cancer , he consoled himself and began eating habits . He said, " I became depressed , too lazy to cook , called takeaway I at work , you need calories , Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire I get up at 5am , and then eat breakfast ready , I was working as a bakery , to lift a heavy object , but also carrying things . " Earlier this year, some experts have proposed " pay according to the weight ," the airline pricing scheme , because during the flight , heavier people will consume more fuel . Norwegian scientists Bharat Bata believes that airlines should be taken into account when determining the fare passenger weight and footprint . According to his plan , weight exceeds a certain critical value of the passengers should pay more money for the tickets , and lighter weight of the passengers can pay less . Unemployment is now at home, Price said he is reducing caloric intake , also participated in the weight loss activities , louis vuitton neverfull hoping to go out to work . He said , "I know there are many people in the use of welfare system , but I hope to go out , do not want trapped at home ."
24 year old British man James asquith cost 125000 pounds (about 1.21 million yuan) to travel around the world 196 countries and become the youngest completed a feat of mankind. James is the first set foot on country Vietnam, and will be staying for three months. 27 states, he has been to the United States, China, north Korea, Louis Vuitton Artsy Egypt, Iceland and many other countries also in Syria, Afghanistan and other conflict zones leave footprints. However, every time he went to the country is no longer "swim", when he went to the Libyan during the three weeks after the death of muammar qaddafi, arrived in Afghanistan, the magyars sharif terrorists attacks just two weeks ago.
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