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Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch M4029N

Posted by marryalice 
Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch M4029N
October 26, 2013 01:44AM
According to the British " Daily Mail" reported on October 14 , the famous Buckingham Palace the Queen of England and some other off the wall , some leaking roofs , Louis Vuitton Sunglasses non-compliance of the royal buildings more than a third , the need to spend £ 5,000 repair. While British MPs have accused the royal family " poor repair " on the occasion of the Queen 's "economic hardship " status also surfaced. Last week , according to a report from the UK National Audit Office , the queen of the " wages" in the next two years will increase by 22%. 2014/ 15 fiscal year , the Queen is expected to be £ 37.9 million funding for family living expenses and to carry out official activities , the Queen 2012 / 13 fiscal year, "income" is 31 million pounds .
Particular, the report pointed out that , in response to a reduction in funding , Louis Vuitton Alma the Queen's 20 years to reduce expenses by 55% . During 1991-1992 , the Queen's expenditure reached £ 72.6 million , while for the period 2011-2012 , the Queen's expenses fell to 32.9 million pounds . For many years she was the queen also often utilized deposits , it is said , the Queen's bank savings currently only one million pounds . Britain after the disclosure of the audit report , the British Parliament Public Accounts Committee of the royal treasurer Allen raised a lot of questions . Lawmakers on the royal palace fell into disrepair and was " indifferent " attitude surprised because, if the situation continues disrepair , Louis Vuitton Artsy the UK will lose some of the historic buildings, such as Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert at Windsor 's tomb. Allen acknowledged that there are less than 39% of the royal estate " objective criteria ."
"Such acts of desperation ." German " Hanover reporting " commented last week on the 20th of Lower Saxony family of three self-immolations . Reported that the family will be cornered , Louis Vuitton Messenger Bags and is Germany's high prices. Reported that the tragedy occurred on Thursday morning, the family of three , including 42 -year-old father, Tim , 46 -year-old mother Beart , and they are as young as 6 years old daughter. In a few minutes before the self-immolation , Beart also posted online a suicide note , saying that due to inability to repay debt , her house has been repossessed . Originally bought a new house three new life vision , what hit. Beart in his testament condemn banks and persuade them to buy brother , saying : " We have worked hard , a man devoted to this house, too much love , but now it no longer know how to do ." "Bild" 20 said Tuesday , according to neighbors reflect a person life is very tight. Louis Vuitton Neverfull To repay the debt, they do not have decent furniture , and even interior decoration finished yet .
" A family of three self-immolation of death due to high prices ," the news immediately aroused German public discussion . Many people think that , in recent years, the German economy stable, and therefore attracted a large number of foreign investors buy real estate in Germany , the skyrocketing housing prices . Famous German Statistics website Statista findings show that from 2007 to 2013 , the German cities , the average house prices almost doubled. Such as the western city of Duesseldorf, in 2007 the rate is 1,775 euros per square meter , Louis Vuitton Luggage to the third quarter of 2013 reached € 3,760 . The highest prices in Munich , six years ago, the average price of 2,876 euros per square meter , this year a staggering 6,011 euros .
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