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Louis Vuitton Artsy GM Handbags M40259

Posted by marryalice 
Louis Vuitton Artsy GM Handbags M40259
October 24, 2013 04:19AM
BEIJING, Oct. 16 Xinhua, " Central News Agency" reported on the 16th , in Southern California, near the island of Cathari that , recently discovered an up to 18 feet ( about 5.49 meters ) of oarfish . Cathari Maritime Institute , cheap louis vuitton handbags said that the island , which is a major discovery microscopic life . This oarfish up to 18 feet , to 16 adults to raise . Cathari that Island Marine Institute Chas (Jeff Chace) said, to see the fish , he was very surprised , it is difficult to see in a lifetime major discovery. A swimming coach 13 at Cathari that the island (Catalina Island) to shore Yangwangou (Toyon Bay) diving and found this dead oarfish , when she 's diving depth of about 15-20 feet .
Oarfish generally live in the deep sea , the coast can be found in the very rare oarfish . According to the information Maritime Institute , oarfish is the world 's longest bony fish , Louis Vuitton Sunglasses the longest oarfish can reach 56 feet ( about 17.1 meters ) . In Southeast Asia have also been found long oarfish , and even many local residents will oarfish as the incarnation of the dragon . Chas said that the fish does not have any marks , it is unclear why the death of the fish . As this oarfish too long, no place can be placed . Chas said , the Marine Institute is currently planning to fish the corpse buried in the sand, let the natural decay , leaving the bones preserved.
October 16 , louis vuitton shoes for men 101 tourist police in downtown Seoul, South Korea to attend the inauguration ceremony of Gwanghwamun Square . This is a special treatment to foreign tourists illegal activities police force , carefully selected , were proficient in Chinese , English or Japanese , you can communicate directly with tourists . Uncle Bird songs in "Jiangnan Style" of music, "tourist police" to play, honor guard also danced a horse dance scene . This " tourist police" team consists of 52 police officers and 49 " volunteer police" components. They dressed in dark blue uniforms uniform , louis vuitton belts sale head berets , uniforms from the birds tert PSY Queen designer to create ; chest wearing different languages ??marked with name tag , indicating the kind of foreign language proficiency police , including Chinese , English and Japanese .
From 16 onwards , the main attractions such as Myeong-dong , Seoul , Itaewon , Dongdaemun and so will have "tourist police" on duty . According to reports, these "tourist police" main duty is to combat all unauthorized fees for foreign tourists and illegal taxi operational issues . Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire In addition, foreign tourists tourism encounter other problems can also "tourist police" complaints. "Tourist police" Park Jae- Hyung told AFP : "If the visitors that they have been a taxi driver or a small roadside vendors to ' kill ', and they can come to us , we will help to solve the problem ." It is reported that the "tourist police" system will be and existing tourist service hotline achieve linkage , foreign visitors can directly request the tourist attractions are on duty "tourist police" solve related problems , you can also call the hotline 1330 for help. Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage South Korean government said that if the pilot in Seoul to good effect, "tourist police" system would be in Korea throughout the promotion.
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