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Louis Vuitton Pegase Damier Rolling Luggage N23301

Posted by marryalice 
Louis Vuitton Pegase Damier Rolling Luggage N23301
October 23, 2013 02:00AM
20, the former Yugoslavia, the first lady , the widow of about Tito wan card Broz in the Serbian capital Belgrade, a hospital , died at age 88 . Over nearly 30 years when the first lady's evening scene about wan card miserable , had been forgotten by the world . Louis Vuitton Artsy Belgrade emergency hospital official Lang Kaya said around wan card on the 20th died of heart failure . The Associated Press said about wan card since the end of August this year, has been hospitalized .
According to the British Reuters reported on the 20th , was born about 1924 wan card Lika , 17 years old, she joined the guerrillas , to join the war against the German invaders . Louis Vuitton Neverfull After the war , some wan card when the Tito's private secretary , and in 1952 became older her 32 -year-old Tito's third wife . After Tito 's death in 1980 , about the lives changed dramatically wan card , authorities confiscated all of her property and under house arrest in a dilapidated villa. After the Cold War , about wan card has witnessed Yugoslavia split into multiple countries and ethnic cleansing , and unknown to rely on meager pensions, at home in disrepair struggling to survive . Incumbent Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Ljajic had visited about 2005 winter wan card , he said , "At that time outdoors is minus 11 degrees Celsius, the house had no heat , about wan card put on her warm all winter ." 2006 , the government finally gave approximately wan card repair leaking roof and supply heating. In his later years of life no regrets about wan card , she told Serbia "Lightning News", Louis Vuitton Luggage Tito until his death had been in love with her , she asked Tito died buried beside .
According to the British " Sun" reported that 24 -year-old London man James Asquith (James Asquith) spent 120,005 one thousand pounds ( about 1.21 million yuan ) , Around the World in 196 countries , he also became accomplish this feat youngest humans. James first set foot in the country of Vietnam , and spend time in three months. He also visited the United States 27 states , Hawaii, Alaska has his footprints . James swim Egypt , the initiation of ambition around the world , and even Syria, Afghanistan and other war-torn areas did not let go . Louis Vuitton Shoes For Men However , every time he went to those countries that are "swim at a wrong time ." He went to Libya at a time when Gaddafi 's death three weeks ; arrived in Afghanistan , the Mazar-e- Sharif terrorist attack just two weeks ago . However, those countries every interview, he did guide the locals , so he do here in Libya, he witnessed a lot of traces of war .
James feat commence from 2008 , when he was affected by the excursion friends and itching , began to try to travel abroad . His travel from 16 -year-old part-time school holidays, the money earned , as well as travel along the bar or in the house when the work proceeds . James said , the move has not been completed to conquer the world , he still would like to set foot in many places , Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire Sunglasses such as Tahiti , Easter Island , Antarctica , etc., he hopes next year to continue starting .
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