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Air Jordan Alpha Trunner Black White

Posted by marryalice 
Air Jordan Alpha Trunner Black White
October 22, 2013 03:09AM
October 20 morning, Berlin, Germany, police broke up a hunger strike in front of the Brandenburg absolutely water demonstrations asylum seekers , this flag in front of the country's capital , for 10 days long demonstrations came to an end . Nike Dunk High But the problems caused by refugees did not therefore closed. More than 20 people participated in a hunger strike from Pakistan , Afghanistan, Senegal , Sierra Leone and Ethiopia and other countries. They presented to the Berlin government three requirements , namely recognition of refugee status, asylum seekers cancellation Germany restrict freedom of travel regulations , work permits given to asylum seekers , were not recognized by the Government . Therefore, on behalf of the hunger strike , Nike Dunk Low said in mid-January next year if it can not meet the requirements before the start hunger strike .
Similar incidents have also occurred refugee hunger strike in Bavaria . End of June this year , the state's number of asylum seekers put up tents in the center of Munich , a hunger strike asked the Government must recognize the actions of water for refugee status . Who participated in the hunger strike from Iran , Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Syria and their hunger strike on behalf of the network published a manifesto urging the government of Bavaria trace is not bad to meet the requirements , or the streets will be staged in Munich refugees due to the tragic death of a hunger strike . Nike Dunk High Women This hunger strike lasted two weeks . When the hunger strikers faced death threats , the local police launched a " late-night rescue " will be 44 hunger strikers , including three children rushed to the hospital , and dismantled the tent camp .
Berlin and Bavaria refugee problem is the epitome of refugees in Europe . Political instability in the Middle East and North Africa , forcing refugees from different countries in these regions flock to Europe for the wealthy continent bring humanitarian problems. Not long ago , the Italian island of Lampedusa refugee boat capsized near the two , killing hundreds of people were killed. Nike Dunk Mid The EU said that the incident shock, also said it would not sit idly by. But EU countries have already signed agreements to receive refugees , refugees should be required to travel to Europe to reach its first stop receiving recognition of their refugee status after redistribution to other European countries.
This would enable European countries to a " receiving uneven " phenomenon, in the border areas of countries such as Greece and Italy , to become the biggest load of refugees who . The number of refugees have been allocated more countries such as Germany, but also because of the increasing number of refugees and surprise. Berlin asylum seekers hunger strike almost the same time , the government is for the group from Hamburg, Lampedusa , Italy turn to illegal stayers headaches. Nike Dunks 2013 In order to evacuate the island of Lampedusa refugee pressure on the Italian government as a group of refugees per person privately issued tourist visas and € 500 , these people will "release" to Germany.
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