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Louis Vuitton Eole Rolling Luggage Bag M23204

Posted by marryalice 
Louis Vuitton Eole Rolling Luggage Bag M23204
October 21, 2013 04:22AM
According to Japan's Kyodo News reported , the Cabinet Office from 2014 onwards with the help of local government organizations who seek marriage marrying the " marriage live" activities provide financial assistance. Plan Open Call "District · declining birthrate crisis breakthrough plan" actively respond to declining birthrate selected problem areas as a model sample , and elected local government support . Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Budget estimates for the year 2014 will be credited to the requirement of about 200 million yen ( about 12.43 million yuan ) for the program. Government believes that if the local government support activities organized by marriage to the whole country will help solve the problem of low birth rate . Cabinet Office survey released in 2011 showed that there are 31 prefectures and 552 municipal implementation of the " marriage live" support programs .
Ibaraki Prefecture , etc. , established in 2006 , " Ibaraki encounter Support Center " is committed organization " marriage live" presentation intimate gatherings and other activities , Louis Vuitton Alma as of April this year, has more than one thousand pairs of lovers into the marriage hall ; Takeo, Saga Prefecture the municipal government set up "bonds lesson " for the men and women of marriageable provide help in their own way in many areas related activities . However, there are many local governments to stop the support activities. Currently, how to ensure that financial resources and the sharing of information has become to be solved. Japanese cabinet minister Senya declining birthrate son also served , Louis Vuitton Artsy "said the state should improve the environment, but for the hope that the marriage can not be achieved in helping people ."
" Marriage live" is "marriage activities" referred to , has been nominated for the 2008 Japanese buzzwords, is an imitation of " inaugural event " called " to live " Louis Vuitton Messenger Bags and to create a word. " Marriage living family" refers to job attitude and determination to find marriage person.People Tokyo October 20 electricity (Zhao Song) According to the NHK report, known as the modern version of "Noah's Ark" tsunami lifeboat 20 in Kochi, Japan formally deployment.
2011 Great East Japan earthquake triggered a huge tsunami disaster in Japan, affected by Japanese companies started to develop a few days may be floating in the sea tsunami lifeboat. Louis Vuitton Neverfull The lifeboat 8 meters long, can accommodate up to 25 people ride, equipped with toilet seats and other facilities, but also water and food reserves. Even at speeds of up to 10 meters per second tsunami crashed into buildings and other hard objects will not break the water, in the case overturned by the waves in the sea but also automatically correct posture. The development of enterprises in the lifeboat access to local transport authorities approved after the beginning of production, Kochi City, a food company purchased a, and presented to the municipal government. Tsunami aboard lifeboats on the 20th officially been deployed in Kochi park near the port, in the event of massive earthquake and tsunami can be put into use.
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