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Louis Vuitton Annie MM Blanc Handbags M40307

Posted by marryalice 
Louis Vuitton Annie MM Blanc Handbags M40307
October 21, 2013 04:13AM
According to the British " Daily Mail" reported that former U.S. CIA employee Edward Snowden 's girlfriend Lindsey Mills recently broke four months of silence, in a blog posted four personal photos , which was immediately interpreted as outsiders Snowdon living in Russia to pass secret information . Louis Vuitton Outlet Store Now 28 -year-old Mills is a female ballet dancers and steel . Disclosure Snowdon monitoring project in the United States , she lived in Hawaii and Snowdon . In the " Prism " project after exposure , Mills has remained silent . But now, post photos and leaving Mills in a cryptic caption . This does not ban speculation , Mills is passed to the Snowdon only he can understand the information .
Foreign media joked that now the U.S. intelligence agencies are like ants on a hot pan Snowdon former girlfriend hair like deciphering the photos on the blog what is the code word . Louis Vuitton Evidence Millionaire Global netizens have joined join in the fun and share their "cracked " version. British friends @ Brian that Mills expressed through four photos mood now . He said: "The one I'm in the end how to do ? Where is the way ? 2 I'm still waiting to see the sunset with you . 3 But let me upset is that you have a new girlfriend . 4 . Maybe I should also look for his new love, start a new life . " U.S. users @ Anonymous is " heartbroken " version. He said: " 1 . Come Help me ? 2 my heart is with this drop- down at sunset . 3 I just get lost in the forest, nowhere to hide. 4 I am very insecure , as if being exalted may fall at any time . "
Chinese netizens @ Los Autumn 's "cracked " is a fairy tale version. She said: " Stoudemire , Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage your mermaid waiting for you to come back ." "You are a witch Rapunzel locked in the dark forest, she was afraid ." Another Chinese netizen @ Little Yin - a good man . " cracked " version is like a warning . He said: " 1 . Seriously thinking about your final safety foothold where 2. Temporary safe but be careful you behind ; 3 Note the depths of thorns environment, but as long as the most important center of gravity protect can still unhurt ; 4 interested parties can not keep a good balance in order to force your direction and scale . " These photos were taken in Snowden Mills first public exposure monitoring project . Mills in which a photograph is wearing a bikini , sitting on the beach with his back to the lens . There is a photograph of her wearing a T-shirt and black trousers, louis vuitton damier huddled in the glade . There only appeared in a photo of her right hand in a yellow road sign post extends. Four photo captions were "(^ - ^) /", "?", "(__)", "( Bruno ^ ^ ) Bruno ."
Since Lindsay made ??a four photographs and symbols , " password ", the world began a national guessing game. Enthusiastic netizens use their imagination to guess Lindsay wants to convey to Snowden 's private information. Serious faction-@ Anyway it comes to money or things : first symbol chart: laugh without words , and the second : silence, Third: smiling face . Put together : Someone to talk to me , louis vuitton neverfull but I just laughed , they then embarrass me , but I still deal with silence , finally, they can only be harvested nothing away, I bid farewell to them with a smile ...... @ - Zhao princes - : First : Snowdon , you see, I am so sexy , beautiful, you are not free itself , so I can not talk with you over ; Second : I want to reach out and find their own happiness, to move forward ; third : Do not blame me heartless, you know the day without you is how I had a person watching the sunset ; louis vuitton speedy fourth : you know how lonely it ; fifth : So , I must go and find another one who can hold me happy , worship Snowdon .
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