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Louis Vuitton Sunray Light Blue Handbags M4041

Posted by jonhills 
Louis Vuitton Sunray Light Blue Handbags M4041
September 15, 2013 10:15PM
Due to rumors of extramarital affairs and illegitimate children , the Attorney-General Cai Dongxu the 13th Korea announced his resignation , but the South Korean presidential spokesman said Wednesday that the resignation of the president refused Cai Dongxu request to its truth . Louis Vuitton Luggage South Korean media that the Office of the President would like to strongly distance themselves driven back Cai Dongxu of the " behind the conspiracy theory" , while the largest opposition Democratic Party criticized the government to implement " anti- terror law and political ." "The Korean economy," said the 15th , the day of the largest opposition Democratic Party accused Cai Dongxu Jin Hanji resignation " is clearly leading the Blue House in the back ." The Cai Dongxu Jin Hanji will resign as a " Blue House bid to control the prosecution ," and criticized the current Korea "is not just a bright regime is horrifying terror politics" , much will spearhead Park Geun-hye posture.
South Korea, " Daily Economic " on the 15th reported that , after the resignation of the Cai Dongxu silent on the Blue House on the 15th sudden sound, presidential chief press secretary Lee Jeong -hyun , said Cheong Wa Dae did not accept his resignation , the current task is to identify the highest priority truth. Louis Vuitton Belts Lee Jeong -hyun said that despite the length of the outside world Choi Cheong Wa Dae pressure to resign because of the argument , but this thing is a matter of ethics of public officials , and independent of political interference prosecutorial jurisdiction . Cheong Wa Dae above statements are actually strongly urge Cai Dongxu quickly identify and " illegitimate " whether there is relationship and actively cooperate with the requirements of its investigation.
" Seoul economy," 15, said the reason why the presidential palace to speak out , we do not want , Louis Vuitton Shoes" said Cheong Wa Dae -led " continuous spread. Previously many analysts believe that after taking office CAI length NIS presidential election events intervene supportive judicial investigation , which Cheongwadae friction, then to the South Korean media poke someone on Cai General " illegitimate black material ", leading to its initiative to invite speech. Despite the attitude of Cheong Wa Dae on the 15th trying to indicate that this is a personal moral issue , but had ordered the prosecution to plan rumors Cai Dongxu interference situation before the general election and the former president of Yuan Shi-Xun Jin Seoul police director sentenced angered by the ruling power , plus getting laughs . Earlier, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Justice Minister Huang said publicly that you want to teach safety Cai Dongxu "bastards rumors " Implementation monitoring , Cheong Wa Dae civil affairs chief secretary also directly Cai Dongxu call for its "knowledge to advance and retreat ."
According to the Vietnamese "Youth Daily" reported on September 14, Vietnam Customs General Administration of Customs has ordered the country to strengthen the Chinese stamp verification, because these stamps may contain inconsistent with Vietnam's sovereignty claim sound information. According to the Vietnamese "Legal Affairs" website reported that more communication media department, Louis Vuitton Wallets said the stamps on the landscape in Vietnam "sand islands" and "Vietnamese territory." Protest to China, also suggested that China withdraw stamps unreasonable demands. Vietnamese postal sector also lodged a strong protest to the Chinese Post Office, Vietnam postal department said that China should immediately destroy these stamps, respecting Vietnam has a "sand islands' sovereignty fact, to avoid recurrence of such incidents. It is reported that this is named "Beautiful China" is the Chinese postal stamp on May 19, "China Tourism Day" officially released, Louis Vuitton Handbags a set of six. Where a "seven with three sand Hainan Island" stamp caused a strong reaction from the Vietnamese side.
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