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Louis Vuitton Jasmin Handbags M5285K

Posted by jonhills 
Louis Vuitton Jasmin Handbags M5285K
September 10, 2013 03:35AM
Moto X Another function louis vuitton outlet online is non-contact operation , which is the voice operation . Moto X voice system does not need to manually start , but on call - even in lock screen mode it said "OK Google Now" ( being bought even classic Hello Moto are gone ~ ) , but also be able to start Google's instant search . This is much like Xiao Long 800 processor which voice wake function, but Moto X match is not Xiaolong 800 , but by virtue of another one DSP to achieve this functionality. louis vuitton outlet store
Prior to use , first you need to train about Moto X, say three times OK Googole Now let it come to know and remember your speech features , then you can use this functionality . Allegedly noise reduction effect is still very good, Louis Vuitton Handbags but if you put the Moto X far away from you , it is unlikely to start. And this feature also supports lock screen without any operation , the mere voice will be able to call , say "OK. Google Now, call my assistant ." Moto X began to follow the instructions to make a call. For example and then the Moto X said , "OK Google Now, navigate to the Enterprise Way1000 number ." Moto X will open the default navigation application Google maps, guide to the Silicon Valley headquarters of Motorola Mobility Louis Vuitton Luggage direction . Phone is now the most in our daily Louis Vuitton Purses life can not be discarded tools , and because mobile phones become more powerful , we rely on the phone are becoming increasingly evident , and for phone shooting ability, I think it should be outside of most consumers in addition to performance one aspect of concern .
so more and more mobile phone manufacturers regard the camera as a big selling point. A few years Louis Vuitton Wallets ago 5,000,000 pixels may have been very high , but now more than 10 million mobile phones are also many pixels , while the recently released Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped with a 41 million pixel back -illuminated camera , which allows for a digital camera channel editing Lumia 1020 I also had a keen interest , though from a professional point of view, Louis Vuitton Shoes knows not the only pixels theory, but I would very much like to see Lumia 1020 of 41 million pixels can bring exactly what kind of shooting effect , is not worthy of the price of 6,000 yuan . First, let's look at history , this 41 million -pixel camera is not the first time used in Nokia phones , Nokia released last year, the 808 PureView, also uses a 41 million pixel camera. Although the 1020 sensor from 1/1.2 to 1/1.5 inch inch narrow , but the 808 uses a photographic style front outdated imaging technology, while using a more mainstream Lumia 1020 back-illuminated technology that can dramatically improve low-light conditions the shooting, so it seems , even if the Lumia 1020 reduced the sensor area , but the use of advanced technology, we can get higher quality . Although Lumia 1020 marked this lens provides 41 million pixels, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses but the actual photos in different proportions , and ultimately can only get the maximum 38 million pixels and 34 million pixels.
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