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Gucci Handmade Large Top Handle Bag Taupe

Posted by jonhills 
Gucci Handmade Large Top Handle Bag Taupe
September 10, 2013 02:44AM
SAN FRANCISCO, gucci outlet September 2 morning news, Samsung is expected to be released on September 4 smart watches Galaxy Gear, U.S. technology blog Venture Beat Weekend exposure Galaxy Gear gucci outlet online prototype photos. A source told Venture Beat Samsung shows available to developers and some partners Galaxy Gear prototype . It should be noted that the Samsung product design usually highly secretive , and often provide developers with the design of the final product is cheap gucci bags different from the prototype . However, the prototype and the final product will not be too.
The sources also shows Galaxy Gear internal promotion video . This video was not made ??by Samsung , but from Samsung partners team. Venture Beat Galaxy Gear not directly shoot photos, but a video camera . Video display , Galaxy Gear Gucci Duffle bags is equipped with high quality OLED display , and the screen is square.Initially , Galaxy Gear features health and fitness concern and may become Nike Fuelband and Fitbit Flex competitors. This is not a replacement smart phone products, but smart phone accessories. Galaxy Gear 's screen is about 3 inches , the size is large . Although the screen is square , but on the bottom border of the entire face of the watch to become a rectangle , but with a rounded design .Galaxy Gear colors currently see no surprising place , just black and gray. However, the final version of the product in color may change . Wrist watches masculine atmosphere, equipped with a speaker at the buckle . Gucci Coin Purse Galaxy Gear weight is not heavy, but still far more than ordinary women watch compact . Women may prefer another motion Gucci Backpack tracking products Misfit Shine, it's not a watch , but a similar jewelry compact device.
Galaxy Gear is equipped with Bluetooth, so you can connect Galaxy S series of smart phones and tablet PCs , in addition, may be able to connect a variety of Android devices. The smart watch via WiFi Internet access , e-mail , even Gucci Wallet if you can not connect your smartphone to achieve this functionality. Galaxy Gear wristband integrated 4.0 megapixel camera, while the buckle is integrated mini speakers. Users can measure the health data through the camera . For example, users can take food, then according to the type of food marked " grain " or " fat " and other labels . Obviously, this is in response to Google and the launch of an optical functions, but may not use the watch for someone to shoot food , except in the Gucci Handbags spy movie.The watch can help you develop the most perfect exercise program. For example , where an application can be for different needs , such as weight loss , increase energy , or Gucci Messenger Bags enhance physical fitness, to provide exercise recommendations.
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