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Louis Vuitton Conspiration Carre Canvas Z0297U

Posted by jonhills 
Louis Vuitton Conspiration Carre Canvas Z0297U
August 31, 2013 04:07AM
It is reported that if the North Korean military demarcation line in the north near the inter-Korean naval attack on Han Jun, or ROK Northwest island shelling, Jun Han in the immediate counterattack, while also dispatched to the USFK requirements "Apache" attack Helicopters, multi-barrel rocket launchers, Louis Vuitton Shoes A-10 attack aircraft, F-16 fighter support. Han Jun combat support will not just USFK, including even the U.S. Pacific Command, combat capability. Regular exercise at the same time, South Korea also plans to launch on March 22 "Arirang 5", in order to monitor North Korea's nuclear activities around the clock. South Korean media reported that North Korea in February this year when a third nuclear test, "Arirang 3" failed to properly provide launch scene photos, is because the experimental base over cloudy. Korea Aerospace Research Institute Jincheng Zuo said, Louis Vuitton Belts "If there Arirang on the 5th, then it can successfully see the experimental field of the image."
Last month on the 10th, the Korea-US coalition has been to the "United Nations Command" belongs to the Military Armistice Commission in the name of inter-Korean Panmunjom through liaison channels to the DPRK informed the joint military exercise this year, the date and content. But so far, the North Korean military did not respond. Louis Vuitton Sunglasses However, the Korean Workers' Party organ "Labor News" July 21 that if Korea held a "B branch free" Guardian joint military exercises, the Korean Peninsula will deteriorate again. "Labor News" that the United States take advantage of the UNC as fueling tensions tool. UNC is not a subsidiary body of the United Nations does not mean that the United Nations, so in order to ease tensions on the peninsula, it should be abolished as soon as possible joint military headquarters. louis vuitton outlet online "Labor News" also asserted that the U.S. withdrawal UNC, then it can prove that the U.S. is no hostile intention toward the DPRK, the United Nations military disintegration can trust relationship between the DPRK and the U.S. to play an active role.
July 31, "Labor News" published an article again, saying that if the Korea-US joint military exercise between the two countries forced the Korean Peninsula will once again caught in the "war situation" and asked Korea and the immediate dissolution of the United Nations Command. Meanwhile, "Rodong Sinmun" also Korea and the U.S. Louis Vuitton Luggage to postpone the transfer of wartime operational control time lashed. Reported that South Korean Why delay the transfer of wartime operational control of the time, the real reason is obvious, that is to curry favor with South Korea to the United States, in U.S. military aid, to further strengthen efforts to put pressure on North Korea, and ultimately to achieve aggression against the DPRK's "ambition."
However, in the 14th of this month on the resumption of inter-Korean Kaesong industrial park reached an agreement, North Korea criticized the tone of ROK-US speech decreased. North Korea's official media will focus on the "8.15" North Korean Liberation Day celebrations and restart the Kaesong park on the ROK-US speech nothing about. KCNA commentary published on the 15th "Open reconciliation and cooperation, a new situation of peace and prosperity," Louis Vuitton Handbags praised the outcome of inter-Korean Kaesong agreement, saying "This is all the Korean people save the nation from the crisis, the common wealth - the fate of the Kaesong industrial park, open development of a new breakthrough in inter-Korean relations consistent ambition and will bring valuable results. "
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