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Louis Vuitton Conspiration Pilote Z0165U

Posted by jonhills 
Louis Vuitton Conspiration Pilote Z0165U
August 31, 2013 03:52AM
Past year or so, fled to South Korea from North Korea's "defectors" the number is, more than ever decreased. It is understood that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took office, a policy change in the past, on the one hand to strengthen border controls, making it difficult people fled; the other hand, the ED also lived in South Korea defectors extended an olive branch to lure them back to help promote. Louis Vuitton Luggage Since coming to power since Kim Jong-un, North Korean authorities has at least five high-profile return to the defectors held a press conference and let them tell how unbearable life in Korea, and Kim Jong-un grateful, loyal to the presence of shouting slogans, singing songs of allegiance. According to the state-run television reported, this middle-aged woman returning home, but also receive a new house, with his son and daughter to enjoy once again their grandchildren.
Returning defectors: "Our dear jinzhengen generals did not scold me guilty of not elute offense, he used his warm heart affectionately hugged me." Father Kim Jong Il at Kim Jong-un era, the authorities deliberately conceal defectors problem, repatriation of people will be sent to labor camps, severely punished. Louis Vuitton Purses But Kim Jong-un took office has issued a different message. There defectors said that the DPRK side of the family received a phone call that person talks Ministry of State Security doors, and even home visits, urging them to advise their relatives fled to return, promised not to punish them. There are also people who claimed defectors spread the message that return, it will be equal to more than two hundred thousand yuan in prize money, as well as have the opportunity to attend the press conference.
In fact, some of the defectors in South Korea and unhappy life. This name a decade ago fled to South Korea, Louis Vuitton Wallets is currently in an NGO working defectors, and more recently openly expressed wish to return to protest Korean to his indifference and discrimination. Experts said that Kim Jong-un on defectors policy of appeasement, but also an enhanced near the Chinese border in Tumen and Yalu river security of person absconding intent to enhance punishment. According to statistics, last year, came to power after Kim Jong-un, the success of the defectors arrived in South Korea fell to about 1,500 people, compared with 44% in the previous year greatly reduced. This year's numbers have continued to fall into.
South Korea in the Korean Red Cross on behalf of Yu repeated roots in the name of the Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross chairman Jiangxiu Lin forwarded the proposed book. Louis Vuitton Sunglasses The South Korean government said, looking forward to the DPRK to participate actively in order to solve the problem of reuniting separated families at the inter-Korean Red Cross contacts. The idea that if North Korea accepts the ROK proposal, then, the two sides will discuss the work of reuniting separated families contact period and location, size, there may be discussion of humanitarian assistance to the DPRK. Louis Vuitton Shoes Korea made ??the proposal to the DPRK in the background is the former South Korean President Park Geun-hye day Independence Day speech at the ceremony said he hoped the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on the occasion of Korea open their hearts, in order to achieve inter-Korean reunion of separated families.
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