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Louis Vuitton 3 Watch Case M32609

Posted by jonhills 
Louis Vuitton 3 Watch Case M32609
August 28, 2013 02:43AM
Roundup, Korea will be held today "b Freedom Guardian" routine annual exercise, Louis Vuitton Handbags the exercise will continue until the 30th, it was reported to deal with North Korea "security threat" and the implementation of the first simulated cross-border attack plan against North Korea . After several months of work inter-Korean talks, and finally in Kaesong park recently concluded agreements to protect its proper functioning. In the inter-Korean relations is about warming when the ROK-US speech will once again touched Korea nervous? Korean agreement will therefore run aground? Outside attention so this routine annual exercise adds sensitive atmosphere.
South Korea: Regular exercise to maintain military pressure on North Korea - "Ulchi Freedom Guardian" Korea-US joint military exercise is one of the two annual regular exercise. Louis Vuitton Luggage Every August to September was held. It is held annually by the Korea-US bilateral exercise routine, designed to enhance the Korea-US joint defense capabilities and combat readiness posture, with previous similar scale. South Korea and the United States will mobilize 50,000 and more than 30,000 troops to participate in the exercise. According to the plan, this year's exercise is divided into two aspects, the first is the army, about 50,000 soldiers and about 30,000 U.S. HanJun soldiers involved, Louis Vuitton Wallets the participating troops roughly equal size and in previous years. Military aspects of the exercise was for the camp area of ??computer graphics to simulate combat. In addition to the Korea-US two countries, constitute the ROK "United Nations forces" in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and French soldiers will participate as observers exercises.
Yonhap said the exercise was to deal with North Korea a third nuclear test, North Korea announced "armistice" is not valid, close the Kaesong Industrial Complex, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses hacker attacks and other "security threat" to strengthen crisis management and local capacity to respond to provocation. At the same time, the exercise will also West Five Island and the implementation of inter-Korean border area residents moving exercises; deal with North Korea's long-range artillery attack implementing Capital Region residents escape maneuvers; deal with power, water supply, distribution necessities and other related pharmaceutical products exercises. The Government also plans to strengthen the response to the recent frequency of occurrence larger network attack training.
South Korean media have reported that this year's "B branch free" Guardian joint military exercises against the DPRK will be the first implementation of simulated combat cross-border program. Louis Vuitton Shoes Korea and the U.S. have agreed that if North Korea launched the "local provocation", the U.S. military will automatically intervene backup troops are not limited to USFK, including even the U.S. Pacific Command. According to Korea in March this year, the "common provocative response plans," North Korean troops in South Korea Northwest imaginary islands and maritime "dividing line" near "military provocation", then the HAN and the U.S. combat forces will immediately counterattack, the Korean "provocation origin, backup power and command forces "wiped out. Korea-US military "provocation plan to jointly cope with" the assumption that more than 30 kinds of Korea "surprise provocation" possible ways, Louis Vuitton Belts including the South Korean islands northwest sudden shelling or armed seizure; dispatched hovercraft or low speed aircraft raid; sending special operations forces infiltrate behind ; submarine naval attack on South Korea and so on.
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