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Gucci 1973 Medium Shoulder Bag Black

Posted by jonhills 
Gucci 1973 Medium Shoulder Bag Black
August 27, 2013 09:50PM
British police on the 17th, said the cause of death of Princess Diana is evaluating new information, including Diana's death may be related with the British Special Air Force commandos. Police also said that this is not a reboot investigation. gucci outlet London police did not elaborate on the information content. However, the British Sky News said the new information, including a military statement caused the death of Diana and Diana diary Air Force commandos and special information.
According to a military source said the statement on the murder of Diana retired soldiers from a former wife's parents, they say that the past of this information from the law. gucci bags sale According to the British "Sunday Volkskrant" The article said that the name of former Special Forces soldiers could her parents after her marriage breakdown, first information to the military, then was referred to the police. The soldier told his wife boasted, British Special Air Force commandos was behind death of Diana. August 31, 1997 morning, Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in the French capital Paris, leaving the hotel car paparazzi containment encountered in a tunnel accident, the driver and Dodi were killed Diana Hospital, where he died, the only surviving bodyguards amnesia due to injuries.
London police headquarters said in a statement, are verifying the authenticity of these newly obtained information. "London police are studying the cause of death information, and verify their relevance and reliability, discount gucci bags particularly crime and action command center officials will evaluate." London police also declare, assess not restart investigation with the police when the "Paget action" has nothing to do. "Paget action" lasted two years from when he was leading the London police chief investigating the murder of Diana on a variety of claims. Dodi's father, Gucci Duffle bags former British department store Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed has insisted that his father Prince Charles, Prince Philip ordered the murder of Diana Military Intelligence agents.
"Paget action" in 2006 concluded, finds no basis for saying the murder. After about six months of the trial, the court ruled in April 2008, Diana died of "wrongful death act", the driver drunk driving and trailing paparazzi chase the main cause of accidents, car accident no seatbelt is one of the reasons. Gucci Backpack Anniversary from the death of Diana, 16 only a few weeks, the police once again led the news media and the public discussion of the UK, however, the authorities apparently want to quell public concern. Royal spokesman said Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles' official residence not respond. DoD events governed by London police refused to respond. London police also said they would not be discussed further. Mohamed Al Fayed's spokesman declined to comment, but said it will focus on the assessment results, I believe the police will actively investigate. cheap gucci bags "Sunday Volkskrant," said the police in 2011 to say that Diana was murdered. Diana and Charles married in 1981, divorced in 1996. Diana and Dodi accident just before intercourse for several weeks.
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