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Louis Vuitton Delightful Handbags

Posted by shangdi27 
Louis Vuitton Delightful Handbags
July 10, 2014 02:01AM
Germany and Brazil in this World Cup semi-final, people will be amazed at the big score 7-1, Klose will pay homage to the record-breaking feat, but people ignore the German team quietly near record another person, Thomas - Muller. Today's game, Muller opened the door for the German team to victory. Louis Vuitton Artsy GM HandbagsMatch the first 11 minutes, Cross right corner, Muller keen sense of smell in the position he should appear on his volley hit it so unprepared Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar, Cesar's ball from the left armpit network, thus the deadlock was broken. In addition to the goals, Muller also sent out assists for his teammates. That was doubly Brazil scored the first seven. Match the first 80 minutes, the captain of the German pass left, Muller fast start, Louis Vuitton Loafers Shoes the bottom line before the ball is about to hook the ball back for follow-up after stopping Xu Earle volley in the penalty area, the score became 7 - 0. Today's goals and assists, respectively, in the World Cup Mill 5 and 3. First group match against Portugal, he scored a hat trick; second game against Ghana, he sent an assist; first three games against the United States, he scored the game's only goal. Knockout round against Algeria, Muller and sent assists Louis Vuitton Men Bagsin overtime less than 2 minutes to start. Last game against France, Mueller perhaps relatively quiet, but in the semifinals, Muller once again played a key man of the German team. 5 goals achievement, has let Muller from the Colombian- Rodriguez just one ball, however, compared with the already out of J Lo, Muller still finals to play, by virtue of his current the state, he can achieve transcendence, and competition World Cup's top scorer.
So far in the World Cup race Muller has scored 10 goals, sent out six assists. Do not forget, Muller is not even 25 years old. In the World Cup, world football's best two players are Messi and C Ronaldo. But participated in three World Cup Lionel Messi scored only five goals so far, and the Louis Vuitton New Arrivalssame access to participate in the World Cup three C Lo scored only four goals, the two together are not as Muller. Bayern Munich, unhappy 25-year-old Muller, has experienced ups and downs of his career. 2009-2010 season, he became a member of the true sense of the Bayern Munich first team (after a season in the Bayern first team Muller only be Louis Vuitton Luggageregarded as soy sauce), that season, Bayern won the domestic double in the game, in the championship League also reached the final, while Muller hit a total of 19 goals. 2012, Bayern another blow the final, but scored in the 83rd minute to break the deadlock Muller, but was replaced after three minutes in the end, he watched his team in their own home will hand over the title gave Chelsea. Last year, Muller finally won the Champions League title dream, and he scored against Barcelona in the semi-final two rounds three balls, then declared that he is no longer a small role in Bayern.
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