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Louis Vuitton Wallets M30488

Posted by shangdi27 
Louis Vuitton Wallets M30488
July 10, 2014 01:40AM
Germans with a convincing 7-1 defeat of Brazil into the final, 4-0 trouncing of Portugal from the World Cup opener, but now Sheng Tu Brazil, Loew Germanic legions men are increasingly showing their championship domineering, if German maintain this state, even in Argentina and the Netherlands, I am afraid it is difficult to stop the Loew's team Louis Vuitton Sunglassesfinal champion. Looking back at the entire history of the German team into the finals of the group stage 4-0 draw with Ghana, Portugal, 2-2, 1-0 victory over the United States. 1/8 finals in overtime 2-1 win over Algeria, 1/4 finals of France 1-0, 7-1 semifinal sweep Brazil. We can say that from start to finish victory for the Germans and performance are quite convincing, and the state of the team also experienced ups and downs after the first few ushered in a very Louis Vuitton Shoestimely outbreak in the semifinals, and the current Germanic chariot on morale has reached a high point, which for them is undoubtedly impact the final winner is quite favorable. In addition, compared to the potential of the two final opponents the Netherlands and Argentina, as well as the overall strength of the German squad in thickness are superior. Backcourt goalkeeper Neuer convincing performance, the defense also has Lahm, Hummels, Boateng and Mohammed Isaac, who sits, this defense has not been any major Louis Vuitton Pursesmistakes. In the front court, the Loew's good players to mobilize more ample, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Ozil, Cross, Goetze, who can afford to top one main position , although Loew had previously been questioned with only a positive decision to choose Klose center, but Muller and Xu Earle have proven that they can take on the task of Cuichengbazhai. From the backcourt frontcourt, the German team called the whole lineup is very powerful and there is no obvious shortcomings, this is another great champion Loew led the team good.
The most important point is that this German team mental maturity, counting from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, then, with the 2012 European Cup twice losing in the semifinals, after which the precipitate three competitions, now this German team experience and the mind has achieved tremendous growth, this is an important condition for the team Louis Vuitton Luggagechampion. World Cup, the big wide open compared to the previous close of beautiful football, Loew's team are a little more pragmatic, for the scenes control has been greatly improved. Mateus had an interview, also said: "In the past even though the German team played better to look good now, but I think they are more hopeful to win the championship." Up to now, the German team in six games have ended in madness scored 17 goals, a single World Cup goals, second only to 2002, Brazil has 18 goals. Passing standings, German totaled 3604 passes the same ranking. Quite Louis Vuitton Handbagsinteresting that in 1990 the July 8, is the last team to get the World Cup in Germany the day, and after a lapse of 24 years, or in the July 8, Germany swept Brazil, called and separated 24 years ago empty echo. Today, this German, called after the 1990 championship, nearly 24 years the strongest team, but now this German has almost no blocking. Efficient counterattack, sharp positioning the ball, plus solid defense, this German team has become increasingly likely to win, and now they just need to wait for their own final opponent, whether it is the Netherlands or Argentina, the face of such a German team, they really can compete with it?
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