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Louis Vuitton Handbags

Posted by shangdi27 
Louis Vuitton Handbags
July 09, 2014 07:51AM
"Tragedy! This is probably the worst team in the history of Brazil's 25 minutes." Global TV commentator has been dumb to silence. Indeed, this is the first time since 1954 in Louis Vuitton Women's Walletsthe World Cup, Brazil lost the four goals, while voice hardly ever, Khedira will again expand the score to 5-0. "Tragedy" seems to have been unable to generalize the whole Brazilian team and the fans suffered torment. When Germany once again send the ball into the net, the Brazilian fans in the stands on the transition from the Louis Vuitton Women's Shoesinitial silence and consternation for the final tears. Locked in a long shot glasses small Brazilian fans who, before he and more than 60,000 compatriots live passionately singing the Brazilian national anthem, the game incomparable vision, however, began less than a mere half an hour, he went from heaven fell to hell, could not stop the tears fall down, not far from one of his female fans screaming and it makes people feel bad ...... clean sheet from Louis Vuitton Women's Scarvesthe second to the third clean sheet in the middle only a short interval of 179 seconds , with Houhedila up the knife as the last point of arrogance Brazilian counterattack completely extinguished ...... the stands filled with grief, suspended sitting on the sidelines of Tiago - Silva dazed to sit there, eyes heavy. World Cup history, there has never been a team-leading five goals at halftime, but today's Germany has done it, the opponent or even five-star Brazil ...... scene there are many Brazilian fans started to leave, then are not the end of the first half .
If there are people in question before Real Madrid for the remaining year of the contract grams throw 25 million transfer fee is too extravagant, then in Germany after the World Cup semi-final massacre in Brazil, I am afraid there is no doubt the whole game again will contribute both shot a pass the Cross is fully worthy of this generous Galaxy team. Cross In an interview with German media forthrightly own Galacticos next season will be landing, but when it comes to specifics, Cross has continued his usual calm on the pitch, Louis Vuitton Sunglassesjust casually said: "It is imperative that the World Cup after other things, such as the World Cup will see the outcome from! "is with such a peace of mind, Cross at this World Cup to maximize the strength of their own. Although Crosby not been able to contribute to a goal for the team before the semi-finals. But he led a strong midfield but help the German team Cuikulaxiu camel reached almost all the way to the semi-finals. As the German team at the World Louis Vuitton Men's WalletsCup playmaker Cup, scoring data and not fully reflect the role of the Cross in the team. You know, before the game, the World Cup Cross is the largest number of ball players, the number of times he touches the ball up to 473 times in five games, and contributed two assists, and tied for the team's Mill assists, to lead the team to become the World Cup in Germany up to the number of passes, passing the highest success rate team. Brazilian fans Cross is called the "waiter" to describe his teammates frequently send high-quality ball.
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