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Louis Vuitton Messenger GM

Posted by shangdi27 
Louis Vuitton Messenger GM
July 09, 2014 05:08AM
World Cup semi-finals, Germany 7 than a massacre in Brazil, shocked the world. Recalling the history of the World Cup, which was first called the "massacre" 84-year history of the contest. In the history of the World Cup, the biggest Louis Vuitton Millionaire Sunglassesscore record was 1982 Hungary 10 to 1 victory in El Salvador, in addition to 1974 Yugoslavia 9-0 win Democratic Republic of Congo, in 2002 Germany 8-0 Saudi Arabia wins the Holocaust, but these games are the strength distinct disparity dialogue, today's "Deba tragedy" is strong dialogue, but the World Cup semi-final, tragic and shocking degree called the history of the first degree. This 7 to 1, in one fell swoop the Louis Vuitton Artsy Handbagsmaximum score record World Cup semi-finals, two semi-finals in 1930 (United States Argentina 6-1 Uruguay 6-1 Yugoslavia) and 1954 (Germany 6-1 Austria), is the previous semi-final record, but those are a few more goals, "the ancient era of football", but are also a big gap between the strength of the duel. Recalling the history of the World Cup, or the strength of strong dialogue between the team close to a big score "massacre" there are many, but are not "Deba Massacre" so exaggerated. 1950 The second phase circle, who hosts Brazil beat Spain 6-1 (but not yet the time of Matador Louis Vuitton Loafers ShoesLegion top teams); 1954 group stage, flourishing in Hungary 8 to 3 victory over West Germany, but later proved to be German cover-up (frozen and remain the main force), the final 3 to 2 West Germany Hungary completed a counterattack; 1958 World Cup semi-final hat-trick Pele, Brazil 5-2 sweep has Fontaine France ; 1970 century battle, Brazil 4 1 Lectra Italy are strong dialogue in the classic big score.
Into the World Cup era, the big score became less strong dialogue between up 1986 group stage, Denmark 6 to 1 victory over Uruguay shocked the world, and in the 1/8 finals, Spain, Denmark and was 5 to 1 sweep; 1998, 1/4 finals Louis Vuitton WalletsCroatia 3-0 victory in Germany, France, 3-0 final win over Brazil, are the surprising results; the last World Cup in South Africa, I do not know stop manufacturing in Germany and twice massacre, 1/8 final 4 to 1 victory over England, the 1/4 finals 4-0 humiliation Argentina. However, all of these classic World Cup scores, and today's "Deba" massacre overshadows compared to a score of 7 to 1 to this amazing, but Louis Vuitton Shoesappears to be considered before the game between the two evenly matched teams, two to this is the World Cup semi-finals, three to Brazil, this is home. When the game is still in progress, the Brazilian fans in the stands crying a scenario, it is added to the "tragedy" of the tragic atmosphere. The Germans never left to face the opponent, play a few hit several of unforgiving, further validation. July 8, 2014 (Beijing time on July 9) of this day, destined to take the "first tragedy," the comment tags, loaded World Cup history.
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