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Louis Vuitton Eole Damier Rolling Luggage N23203

Posted by shangdi27 
Louis Vuitton Eole Damier Rolling Luggage N23203
July 09, 2014 04:56AM
History does not regard an abrupt end. The first 79 minutes, Xu Earle once again broke the near post, will expand the score 7-0, Germany thus became the first team in the history of the World Cup semi-finals and scored seven goals in Louis Vuitton New Arrivalsthe team. The last time it was fed seven goals in Brazil dates back to the 1934's had a friendly match, when they have not yet 4 to 8 defeat the disintegration of Yugoslavia. In this World Cup hosts Brazil also tied the record of the most painful defeat, the last time the host is so suspended or beaten or 1954 Switzerland 5 to 7 loss to Austria. The final score was fixed in a nightmare than 7, Louis Vuitton Men Bagsthe German record for this advance to the eighth World Cup finals, and for all Brazilians, this is like a night out can not never seem to end. The Selecao lost at home once the race was in 1975 Copa America semi-final defeat to Peru 1 to 3, then to witness this city is losing the battle of Bard contractors today Belo Horizonte, can be described as a reincarnation. It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian World Cup All 23 players were born in Peru after that defeat. As Scolari said Louis Vuitton Sunglassesafter the game, everything will be gone and life will continue, but until now, a large number of Brazilians still believe that if Neymar present, the situation is bound to be different. Brazil is by no means confined to the issue Neymar's absence, I am afraid this is the most terrible thing.
In the World Cup, unhappy 25-year-old Muller, has scored 10 goals, while just beyond the creation of 16 Ronaldo scoring record in the World Cup Klose, spent four World Cup to complete this feat, while Muller If nothing else, you Louis Vuitton Pursescan also participate in two sessions is not a problem, then, who knows how many goals scored Muller can do? Beyond the difficulty of teammate Klose's record is probably not great, right? In addition, the current World Cup appearance record belongs to Mateus (25 games), Muller current figures are 12 games. And if you play another two World Cup, then Thomas - Muller put this record will be broken out? Muller in the German national team jersey number, is the 13th. For Westerners, this is not auspicious number, but it is Germany's legendary number. As the 7th of the same at Manchester United, the German national team jersey No. 13, which Louis Vuitton Shoesbelongs to their greatest player - Gade - Muller; while Thomas - Muller before Barak's number is also on the 13th. God seems to be doomed, Gade - Muller's World Cup scoring record is beyond Ronaldo, then transferred to the Klose this record, maybe four years later, this record will belong to another on the 13th German team is also unknown . Great number belongs to the great names, this record will not be passed on Muller body, time will tell us.
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