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Louis Vuitton M91489

Posted by shangdi27 
Louis Vuitton M91489
July 09, 2014 04:43AM
10 shots on target, seven goals. In front of the host country, Germany, is a precise as to the ultimate swordsman, fatal knife. That night, the head of the Brazilian championship crown was completely off the hook. "We have Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggagebeen completely beaten senseless, one two three four five ...... I can not explain it all, this is my worst day of my life ......" After the game, Scolari strong pressing inner vibration. The campaign battle with the German team is Scolari's third World Cup semi-final, he also became Zagallo and Shaun after the third coach to achieve this Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Handbagsfeat. However, who have never thought this is the beginning of a nightmare. Opening less than 11 minutes, Muller opened the scoring on Germany, which is the German national team's first 2000 goal. Muller thereon became the first 13 World Cup goalscorer double and crowned became the first three in the last two World Cup goals are to at least five players. After 10 minutes, the German comeback in the history of the first to participate in the World Cup semi-final of the 4th Klose will expand the score 2 to 0, with 16 goals for this beyond striker Ronaldo became the first World Cup history. The nightmare is far from over. After 2 minutes, Tony - Cross easy to break, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Idylle Handbagsscore becomes 3-0 in less than 120 seconds later, Crosby scored twice, 4-0! This is the first time Brazil lost the next four goals since 1954 in the World Cup, but only 179 seconds interval between the first two goals in Germany and the first four goals. It is worth mentioning that the only two goals Cross interval of 69 seconds, which is the shortest in the history of the World Cup with a brace while.
At this part of the Brazilian fans have begun to gradually exit. However, the slaughter continues. The first 29 minutes, Hedi tear Brazilian defense again, to rewrite the score 5-0! From 2 to 0-5 0, the German team's four goals only when less than six minutes, which is the World Cup had never happened in the spectacle. World Cup in Germany Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbagshave become the first team in the history of the first 30 minutes of the team scored 5 goals in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, the campaign scored five goals, the German official to 221 the total number of goals beyond Brazil a ball, becoming the highest scoring team in World Cup history. And coincidentally, scored on a five goals in the World Cup semi-final of the 1958 Brazil team is, Louis Vuitton Men's Walletswhen they 5 to 2 victory over France. Brazil, a large number of fans in the stands began to burst into tears, but on the pitch without any change. The second half 69 minutes, coming off the bench Xu Earle sixth ball when they break the door in Brazil, 6-0! This is the first time in the history of the World Cup in Brazil lost the next six goals, Germany, became the first single field can even six balls into the Brazilian team. If the expansion of the scope to all the games, this is the history of Brazil, the fifth single field downed six rounds, the last dating back to 1920 had the America's Cup 6-0 defeat to Uruguay.
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