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Louis Vuitton M91871 Blue

Posted by shangdi27 
Louis Vuitton M91871 Blue
July 09, 2014 03:56AM
World Cup semi-final, and no one can expect such a scene, hosted by Brazil, Germany was completely off the hook, the game less than 30 minutes, Germany had a 5-0 lead!Thomas - Mueller opened the scoring after Brazil was trying to counterattack, but the German team then scored the storm Louis Vuitton New Arrivalshit, so that the host completely trounced. The first 23 minutes, Klose broke and broken Ronaldo's World Cup scoring record; the first 24 minutes and 26 minutes, Crosby scored twice; the first 29 minutes, Hedi gain another victory in the German ...... within a short span of 7 minutes, filling in Brazil four balls! Which, after the ball between 2 and 4 of the first ball only 179 seconds of such a crazy halftime, Germany became the first team in World Cup Louis Vuitton Casehistory 30 minutes scored the first five goals of the team, this is the first time in team World's first half scoring five goals. Atletico Mineiro Stadium tens of thousands of Brazilian fans, there are already a lot of people started crying. Brazil in the last World Cup single-game losing 4 goals, 2 to 4 1954 Hungary lost flourishing, and that session Puskas led Hungary's favorite, but also by the Germans in the final, "upset" Down. Brazil lost the last five goals, is the second World Cup in 1938 against Poland. And in World Cup history, the maximum score is 1930 semi-finals, Argentina beat the United States 6-1, Uruguay 6-1 and beat Louis Vuitton Shoes For WomenYugoslavia 6-1 in 1954, the German victory in Austria, but those games are in the ancient soccer goals such as hemp Times ...... in the stands, suspended Brazilian captain Tiago - Silva deadpan witnessing the massacre, while coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's face filled with frustration. Brazil has fallen, leaving the World Cup and now the topic is that there is either cut or the Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, one who can stop this team?
World Cup semi-final between Brazil and Germany, and perhaps destined to be the birth of a hero of the stage. This is undoubtedly one of the most concern is the team's super striker Miroslav Klose of Germany, and in after he had tied Ronaldo in the World Cup scoring record - 15 goals, but tonight, he finally realized the beyond the large Luo, Louis Vuitton Shoes For Menunique in the history of the first World Cup marksman. Let's recap this goal rewrite history, this is the first Klose scored in the World Cup semi-finals, the game the first 23 minutes, the German offensive frontcourt instigated within the restricted area received Klose Muller Cesar's shot was saved back pass, and then he immediately stopped to Louis Vuitton Walletsfinally break the Brazilian team hit the door, this goal will pitch 2-0, while also allowing Klose with 16 goals beyond the Big Lo 15 balls to become the first shooter in the history of the World Cup. 2006, Ronaldo scored in Germany put their number at the World Cup fixed in 15, so this achievement, large Luo spent four World Cups and 19 games. 2014, Klose in Brazil will improve their number of goals in the World Cup to 16, beyond the large Luo, K God 4 World Cup, 23 games. Quite interesting is, K God in the face of the Brazilian team in the game to achieve a large Luo transcendence, which for large Luo undoubtedly the more bitter.
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