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Louis Vuitton Totem Sneaker Damier Canvas in Graphite

Posted by micahcarson1 
Louis Vuitton Totem Sneaker Damier Canvas in Graphite
July 07, 2014 10:36PM
Top seed Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon finals seven times champion Roger Federer 3-2, won the Wimbledon trophy for the second time. He spoke after the game which he experienced the highest quality Grand Slam finals, the victory for his future career is Louis Vuitton New Arrivalsvery important. He also jokes Wimbledon grass and the taste is not very different three years ago, but fewer grass only. "I am completely overwhelmed by their own emotions, in the game to feel positive emotions I'm not surprised, I just want to enjoy the moment, recall their experiences in the game and I think this is what I played in the majors the highest level of the finals, even Nadal Australian Open final in 2012 and the longest time, but from the quality is concerned, today's start from the first minute Louis Vuitton Men Bagsto the last minute is very high quality. Roger played very well, he let we can see why he would become a champion, to show their fighting spirit, when behind a break to show his composure. "small German recalls," When I came to the ball game, he played the best level, and through no fault of my own. fourth set to lose the ball game and match point was disappointing, but the only way is to believe in yourself you can do it, until the last moment to keep mentally strong, this is me today be done. such sentiments will not disappear soon, like the French Open final gives me the same, to win the Grand Slam finals after losing three or four very happy. "" This is a very special victory, is I experienced the most special Grand Slam final in the present time, be Louis Vuitton Sunglassesable to take off a championship is very important, as I said before, I have a few final straight sets, of course, you have a little self-doubt, I it needs to win this championship, I'll help as much as possible this victory to improve their own confidence, not only this season, as well as throughout his career. "Serb said.
He jokingly thanked Federer said after the game, "let" their win. "Of course this is a joke, I know we do not have such an agreement before the game, let me be clear what if we have an agreement, then the game will certainly be much shorter." Small German smiled and said, "I respect him and his achievements, he was also a strong presence next in this piece for many years of his reign venue, the old enemy can defeat him, is a very special victory, I've Louis Vuitton Pursescried, I was completely control their emotions. "the fourth set was reversed what happens when Federer? "At that time the situation turned to his side, he began to play better, the audience also enjoyed it. Fifth set start is very important, a solid live his own serve, and to put pressure on the other side I'm the first to serve in the fifth set, and he needs to catch up with the score, which was then, I think, is to keep your serve, and wait for the opportunity to serve each other and when the opportunity comes, you have to seize it. "top seed recalls," I had a chance in the eighth inning, but he played a wonderful round, I did not make a mistake. has several very close, including in the fourth set, I might lose Louis Vuitton Shoesthe attention of the deciding set victory on a plate, but I did not, it that's why this victory is very important for me mentally because I did not just win the match, but also beat themselves, find my cup of inner strength. "Djokovic kisses the grass after the game, reporters and asked, What is the difference here three years ago, "taste"? "In fact, little change, I did not feel any different, which is wonderful mouthful and I think that today's grass seemed to be less than three years ago, so I just tasted it, but it is perhaps best eaten in my life a meal.
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