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Louis Vuitton Leather Sneaker in Blanc

Posted by micahcarson1 
Louis Vuitton Leather Sneaker in Blanc
July 07, 2014 09:43PM
Rio July 6 news, today's art of Brazilian football qualities are not legion, Germany coach Joachim Loew hopes semifinals referee can come forward and stand firm against attempts to interrupt the rhythm of conduct penalty. Loew told German television interview, said: "I watched the game in Brazil and Colombia, Louis Vuitton New Arrivalsboth have numerous fouls, these fouls are others players jump back up these players not want to interfere with the game competing for the ball. , but simply want to prevent rival game, "the two sides kicked this Cidaoxianhong 1/4 finals, Brazil vs Colombia team fouls to 31 times, Spanish referee Velasco -. Carvalho until the second half produced only a yellow card in this venue, then the sum of the two sides have reached fouls 41 times. World Cup top scorer to date - Colombian player J-Rodriguez was the Brazilian Louis Vuitton Casemidfielder's "special care", while Brazil's Neymar Colombian players are serious foul from behind, causing the spine bifida, absent the remainder of the game serious consequences. German team foul in the last five games 57 times, received four yellow cards, while the data is 96 Brazil 10 yellow card fouls. Loew said in an interview:. "Brazil was the art of football as we know it, but their traditional style of play has been depleted in Brazil must have technical players, but they are more than any team played rough, so they the way to break the opponent's defense. referee should come forward with a proper punishment to stop it. "
But Loew also said that if the game needs to fight the real thing, Louis Vuitton Shoes For WomenGermany can certainly take good care of yourself. He said: "There is no World Cup team can play great, gorgeous attacking football, because there is always a lot of physical contact to destroy all this good football is not enough to win, we need proper attention.." Le Cardiff team are a lot of people in Germany Louis Vuitton Shoes For Menwas criticized for a lack of talent. Germany and Brazil in the semifinals, the host star player Neymar definitely missed, but Loew said that Brazil may be more dangerous without him. He said:. "No Neymar of Brazil may be harder than it has to be defeated him, I'd rather he can play the game he is a gifted talent, but his teammates rely on him too 'Loew said he once in the 2010 World Cup have experienced a similar situation, before losing to Germany captain Michael Ballack, but the German team all the way to break through the barrier to the semifinals, losing the final to win the Spanish Loew said:. "we understand that after losing top players conditions and changes in the team, everyone will raise their level, everyone will assume more responsibility. Louis Vuitton WalletsBrazil does not have Neymar gets weaker. "Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger agreed to coach the Brazilian team the ball on the wind change argument, he said:" The thought of Brazilian football, we always think of a magician on the pitch, but now is not the case. Brazil has changed, intense physical confrontation is one of their characteristics, we must adapt to this point - the referee, too. "
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