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Louis Vuitton Globe Trotter Sneaker Embossed Leather in Noir

Posted by micahcarson1 
Louis Vuitton Globe Trotter Sneaker Embossed Leather in Noir
July 07, 2014 09:32PM
Beijing time on July 6, less Neymar, Brazil anxious, they appeal FIFA, the captain called for the repeal Silva yellow card. Currently, Silva result of eating two yellow cards, has missed the semi-final against Germany. Host dilemma now is not any less core leaders. FIFA said the Brazilian Football Association Louis Vuitton Women's Walletsis seeking to overturn the ban captain Silva, in order to let him participate in the semi-finals, Brazil and Germany. A spokesman Delia - Fisher confirmed that the Brazilian Football Association has submitted an appeal to FIFA material, while the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is "analyzing this material." In the 1/4 final match against Colombia, Ospina Bigfoot Silva interference penalty kick off a yellow card, which is he got a second yellow card. Brazil into the Top 4, he will miss the semi-final Louis Vuitton Women's Shoesand Germany. However, Brazil's chances of success will be very limited appeal, because the traditional yellow cards can not be revoked, and the red card possible. La Liga Real Madrid appeal yellow cards along with recent case, they asked UEFA to withdraw Alonso yellow card, but UEFA final ruling is not permitted! If FIFA eventually agreed to revoke Brazil's yellow card, which will undoubtedly Rehuoshangshen, controversial, people have suspicions of favoritism which is the host. Meanwhile, according to FIFA rules, the 1/4 finals and semi-finals Louis Vuitton Women's Scarvesare not included in the previous yellow card, that is, if the semi-finals to get a yellow card, it will not get a yellow card before the final result of not playing
As host of the top players in the team and the Colombian team Neymar quarterfinal seriously injured, resulting in lumbar fractures had earlier this session with the World Cup held in his own country to say goodbye, as the perpetrators of Columbia Zuniga who thereafter was widely criticized outside world. Brazilian supporters are Zuniga had various forms of condemnation, abuse and even death threats. Although Zuniga individual, said: "It was a normal action, I never meant to hurt any player on the pitch, I fight for my country, I hope never intentionally hurt Neymar as soon as possible. rehabilitation, both for Brazil Louis Vuitton Sunglassesor world football, he is a great player. "but apparently not because Brazilians Zuniga apologies and remorse would simply forgive the Colombians. President of the Brazilian Football Federation, Brazil World Cup organizing committee chairman Jose - Maria - Marin will publicly denounce Zuniga, he said: Earlier, FIFA because "Zuniga should be punished as FIFA to Suarez." Suarez bite Chiellini acts against Uruguay in the World Cup players sentenced to nine official international match ban, four months prohibited from participating in any football-related activities and fined 100,000 Swiss francs. Although Zuniga's behavior led to Neymar injuries, but if that is the Colombians Louis Vuitton Men's Walletsmalicious wounding, it is in some exaggeration. Football legend, Franz Beckenbauer feats defender, said: "I can not believe Zuniga is deliberately doing this, this is more like a low-level stupid mistakes." Of course, such an amazing statement for the Brazilian Football Association President Marin it is not nothing new. Before the start of the World Cup, the Brazilian national team to participate in the training base re-opening ceremony, he had so said: "The Brazilians are now in purgatory, if we can win the World Cup, so we can go to heaven, but if you lose , then everyone has to go to hell. "
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