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Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Ivoire Handbags M59222

Posted by jonhills 
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Ivoire Handbags M59222
October 10, 2013 03:06AM
International Online reports ( Reporter Lv Xiaohong ) : Recently , the U.S. government closed some departments of concern, but this did not affect the Fed's planned launch of a new version of hundred-dollar bills , local time, on the 8th , the new nominal value of one hundred yuan bills began to issue , Media cheering " Benjamin Franklin for a new look " !
The basic pattern of the new hundred-dollar bills maintained its long tradition , the front is still America's founding fathers , "Declaration of Independence " One of the main drafters of Benjamin Franklin's portrait, and still is opposite pattern of Independence Hall in Philadelphia Louis Vuitton Sunglasses But the new hundred-dollar bills more colorful and adds including 3D technology , including many new anti-counterfeiting mark , such as the new hundred-dollar bills printed in the corner of a yellow bill number 100 in Franklin portrait next to a light brown a quill and an inkwell bronze . Philadelphia Liberty Bell in the inkwell pattern , the color will be holding banknotes with different angle from dark brown to green. There is a new banknote counterfeiting blue vertical bar 100 and above a number of smaller independent clock dark blue pattern .
Fed officials said the new hundred-dollar bills banknote these tedious designed primarily to combat the growing superb forgery techniques . In fact, American hundred-dollar bills used in everyday life , when not much, but hundred-dollar bills is the most global of money , Louis Vuitton sobe with a total value of more than 800 billion hundred-dollar bills in half to two-thirds of the circulation outside the United States , has become the main objective of criminal groups forged . New notes originally scheduled for launch in February 2011 began to circulate , but in December 2010 , U.S. officials announced the postponement of launch date , because of the need for more time to deal with production problems. To enter the market in the new notes in circulation at the same time , the legacy can still circulate.
According to the United States, " Louis Vuitton Zipp Wallet Christian Science Monitor " reported on October 8 , will be released on October 11th 2013 Nobel Peace Prize winner has the potential to create a new record , because as a hot favorite among the 16 -year-old Pakistani girl horse Lara ? Yusuf is expected to become the youngest winner of the award . However, malala being touted in the international arena seems to cause unhappiness Pakistani Taliban , the organization denounced malala " courage " and vowed it will once again have the opportunity to attack her.October 9, 2012 , malala in the school bus on his way home , suffered Taliban gunmen attacked , head injuries , dying . Thereafter, malala in the UK for treatment after discharge from injury now Birmingham school. Pakistani girl brush with death , Louis Vuitton Shoes For Women her courage touched the world , has won widespread praise . The Pakistani government awarded her the "National Peace Award" , the United Nations on November 10 each year as " malala Day" in recognition of his fear of the Taliban threat , and actively fight for the right to education of girls in Pakistan have made outstanding contributions .
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